Is Bigfoot Real?

Is Bigfoot Real? That’s a real unidentifiable hair sample that comes from the same bush that we catch them on film observing us in. So we capture them on film in these same bushes peeking out at us, then later we go in and find physical evidence in the form of long thick black hairs caught all over the branches we just filmed them in. The hairs do not match any known species in any state, let alone Florida. You’re looking at Sasquatch hair folks. Science is not doing enough to get you accurate information about the existence of Bigfoot in North America

Left: A strand of Melanie’s hair
Right: A Sasquatch hair sample
Note: The diameter of the Bigfoot Hair sample is almost 3 times that of Melanie’s
Bigfoot Hair Under Micro Cam

What is Science doing about Bigfoot? Making you think there’s nothing to it all…that’s what.

That’s a wild human primate-It’s Real
A Normal Human Gait NOTE: The Angled Staggering between tracks
Not a normal human gate: A Bigfoot Has a Different Gait as seen here in this trackway found in 2017 By Mark & Melanie Zaskey
What is real is as clear as day-A wild hominoid track-People don’t walk barefoot in the swamp
Crypto Reality United
A female Sasquatch watching Mark as Melanie film here