Our Mission-Bigfoot Footage

Crypto Reality’s “The Bigfoot Researcher’s Journal” is on a mission-Bigfoot, Bigfoot sightings, Bigfoot video, and document as many Bigfoot sightings as possible. Crypto Reality’s research is based in Florida, though they often travel to document the Bigfoot species in other states like Washington, North Carolina, and Georgia. The cryptoreality.us research team, Mark Zaskey and Melanie McCartney, have amassed a body of film evidence for the existence of the Bigfoot species that is unprecidented. Most of the real Bigfoot footage on cryptoreality.us is higher quality than you typically see anywhere else on the internet- That’s right you can actually see the Bigfoot creatures. Like this big guy right here below.

Bigfoot by Drone


Having grown up in the State of Florida, Mark Zaskey has been exposed to the reality of the existence of Bigfoot all his life and has been a working cryptozoologist for over18 years.

Together with Melanie McCartney, partner and a lifelong outdoors enthusiast/Bigfoot researcher, they’ve managed to capture some of the most captivating footage of the Bigfoot species in it’s natural environment on so many occasions it boggles the mind. You have to see it to believe it.

Mark- “We began this journey with skepticism that we could even catch one Bigfoot on film but when we began shooting in the field in certain places, unbelievable things started happening; like branches being hurled at us, and powerful growling coming from the bushes in the same areas that we found the giant barefoot tracks. Some of the tracks, one pictured here, measure 18 inches long. We found this Bigfoot track in the exact spot I had my sighting in 2013-We were convinced we had a real shot to do what essentially had never been done before up to that point; study the species for an extended period of time in the exact spot they live. To date we have accomplished that task and will continue to do so providing unparalleled film evidence and more accurate information about what they really are, how they live and how they co-exist with mankind based on realistic field observations.”


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Melanie- “My understanding of reality changed two years ago with finding this track. My eye’s have been opened to a side of reality that has shaken me to the core of my existence. I’ve been very close to them on several occasions including one time when the Sasquatch we encountered started growling at us. The power of the warning itself hit me like a truck as I stood frozen in disbelief and fear. The cryptoreality.us mission is to put forth the highest quality film evidence possible, to give the viewer a chance to experience what we are themselves and to show you so much real footage of the Bigfoot species that it can not be denied. Membership at cryptoreality.us is how you access that evidence. The importance of the existence of the Bigfoot species has been understated and if you watch our films you will agree with that conclusion.”



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Presenting reliable information on the Bigfoot species, with film evidence to back it up, is the primary goal of Crypto Reality. It’s because we’ve managed to find the places they live, that we’ve been able to get close enough to begin recording them in ways that have produced incredible footage. Documenting Bigfoot and understanding how the the Bigfoot species lives means getting as close as you can to get the footage. In our films you can see what we say they are doing right in real time. This gives cryptoreality.us the ability to transmit more accurate information about the Bigfoot species.

Mark Zaskey with a Bigfoot Behind him

The Bigfoot Researcher’s Journal is the primary instrument in our mission, validation of what is out there is crucial. Then we can get official scientific involvement in recognizing the Bigfoot species as not only real, but here in Florida-Endangered do to man’s encroachment on their habitat. Take a look for yourself at what we do, you’ll agree, it’s incredible.





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